New Roof Installed

Thanks to generous community financial support, the Clinton Community Hall now has a brand-new roof! The roof was installed in late August 2021 by G&I Roofing Solutions.

The previous roof consisted of three layers of asphalt shingles, installed on top of each other over the past 60 years. In addition to the old shingles reaching the end of their useful life, the multiple layers added a lot of unnecessary weight on top of the building. And a persistent leak, while minor, was a reminder that the roof needed to be dealt with.

In exploring options for a replacement roof, the hall’s board of directors looked into several types of roofing materials and determined that metal panels would provide the best return on investment. With a metal roof, there was no need to install a new under-layer of plywood panels – panels that would have been a considerable expense with the current high prices of lumber. The metal roof will last longer into the future, will require less maintenance, and should be more environmentally-friendly to dispose of through recycling at the end of its life.

Hanson’s Building Supply generously provided the materials for the new roof at cost, and worked with the manufacturer (Champion Metal) for an additional $1,000 discount on the panel costs. G&I Roofing Solutions installed metal roofing on the small shed behind the hall at no additional cost.

And the Clinton community really came through in their financial support to make this project happen!

Over this past summer, 86 individuals, families, foundations and businesses donated $23,200 to help cover the cost of the new roof.

Thank you again to everyone who helped keep this community resource safe and sound for future generations. A full list of supporters can be found after the slideshows below.


The old roof

Installing the new roof

Roof Donors

💍 Platinum Roof Raisers: $1,000 or more

  • John & Coyla Shepard
  • Cornelia Devlin (Collins Fisheries)
  • Dalton Realty
  • Don and Joan Nelson family
  • Daryl & Claudia Vander Pol
  • Larry & Elizabeth McCauley (L&L Properties)
  • Heritage Bank
  • Hansons Building Supply
  • G&I Roofing Solutions
  • Champion Metal, a Taylor Metal Company

🥇 Gold Roof Raisers: $500 to $999

  • Sue Cocklin Mills
  • Arlene & William Stebbins
  • Robert Fink & Lynn Wenzel
  • Craven Insurance
  • Sally, Roy & Kenneth Berry
  • Pickles Deli
  • Rebecca Foote
  • Cynthia & James Patereau
  • Christina & Jim Swan
  • Sean Wilson & Mike Gerhardt
  • Thomas & Joan Eckstrom
  • Kathy & Bob Craven
  • Madrona Supply Co
  • Mark & Lisa Williams
  • Penelope & Terry Bourk
  • Sheri & Bob Gerhard

🥈 Silver Roof Raisers: $100 to $499

  • Paul Nemechek
  • Mary Goolsby
  • Judith & Clay Canfield
  • Kayla Nelson
  • Theresa Mitchell
  • William Stanley
  • Deborah Colfer
  • Allan & Sheila Sokolosky
  • Kim Borgatta
  • Cynthia Gerdes
  • Waterman Self-Storage
  • Island Asphalt & Sitework
  • Victoria Karno
  • Mary & Eugene Posz
  • Charles Terry
  • Lois Ewing
  • Jean Singer & Dyanne Sheldon
  • Joan P. Nelson
  • Steve & Wanda White
  • Rochon Fine Art
  • Dennis White & Charlotte Bell
  • Joy Moulton
  • Russell Link
  • Dean Enell
  • Lynne & Michael Malecki
  • Margaret & Stephen Scehovic
  • Christie Hammond
  • Debra & Michael Turnbull
  • Julie O’Brien
  • Stephen Eldridge
  • Nicholas Jackman
  • James & Joanne Hicken
  • Rodney Clark Goldthorp
  • Marie Glasse Tapp
  • Jill Brewster
  • Venture Out Nursery
  • Zia Gipson
  • Sharon Asplund
  • Island Nosh
  • Matt’s Import Haven
  • John Porter
  • Betsy Hofius
  • Stephen & Marjorie Burr
  • South Whidbey Animal Clinic
  • Gretchen Schlomann
  • Lynne & Jack Lynch
  • Michael Clyburn & Dorothy Stahr
  • Barb Doutt
  • James Hudson
  • Sylvia & Rod Roehnelt
  • Margaret Storer
  • Marty & Sara Benum

🌟 Supporters: up to $99

  • Virginia Kuehn
  • Sharon Emerson
  • Karen Anderson
  • Anne Victoria Castle
  • Marian & Wayne Ude
  • Joy & Sarah Moulton
  • John Fetrow
  • Sigrid Salo
  • Teresa Helm-Remund