Donations help to keep the hall running, and play a critical role in continuing the legacy of this community institution. If you are able to provide additional financial support, we would be grateful for your donations. Click the button below to donate via an online payment.

Upcoming capital projects

In the coming years, we have several major improvements to the hall that will require large investments. Your donations today will help to kickstart savings for these projects.

Completed Aug 2021 New Roof. Our current roof is nearing the end of its life, and consists of three-layers of composite tiles. While it has been carefully maintained, we know that it will need to be replaced before too long. We are already planning and setting aside money for this project, and will be asking for additional financial support from the community to help cover the cost of a new roof.

Highway Sign Repairs. The Hall’s sign out along the highway is not in great shape. It’s served the Hall well for many years, but needs some serious updates both structurally and functionally.We’ve struggled for years with the railings that keep the letters up (well, most of the time it keeps the letters up – I’m sure you’ve seen some wonky or missing letters from time-to-time). The lighting could use an upgrade. The metal casing falling apart. The information at the top of the sign needs to be updated. We’ve patched and repaired as best we are able to, but the time has come to do some serious upgrades so this sign can continue to announce community events for many many years to come.

Air Quality Improvements. To help keep our community safe and healthy, we are working on strategies to improve air quality and filtration at the Hall, especially during events with many people in attendance.

New windows. The current windows in the hall let in lots of light! But they also let in more cold than they should, as they are single-paned and were installed in the 1960s. They had a good life, but are a source of significant heat loss and only two of the many windows can be opened to allow fresh air into the hall and kitchen. New, double-paned windows will allow better energy savings (saving money) and will allow for better fresh-air ventilation on those warm, summer days.

Refinished hardwoods. The old hardwood floor in the main part of the hall is great, but nearly 60 years old and in need of a refinishing to bring the wood back to a good condition.

Blinds. Many hall activities – like projectors for presentations – require darkness. Our current blinds are aging, lopsided, and just kind of funky.

If you would prefer to mail a check, please make the check out to Clinton Community Hall and mail to the following address:

Clinton Community Hall
PO Box 612
Clinton, WA 98236

Memberships and donations to Clinton Community Hall are tax-deductible. Our EIN number is 91-6056799

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This hall exists because of members, volunteers, sponsors and donors like you. If you want to join others in supporting this historic building and community, let us know today!