Tues Sept 24

Mushrooms grow in abundance in Washington state nearly year around. Some are poisonous, many of no culinary value, some are medicinal and a select group is some of the best food to enjoy. In this richly illustrated presentation, Daniel will help you to get to know, identify and find these wonderful mushrooms while steering you clear of dangerous look-a-likes. You will be advised how to properly collect, carefully transport, safely prepare and reliably store your mushrooms and how to process for unlocking their medicinal powers. In addition, Daniel is mixing in some fungal fun & facts from his research and ‘mushroaming’ travels.

Daniel is the author of field guides to edible mushrooms. His presentations combine stunning photography with an often funny blend of entertaining stories and scientific information. www.mushroaming.com.

This talk is free and sponsored by The Clinton Library.

6:30 – 9:30 pm at the Clinton Community Hall.

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