Local Author Event Saturday Sept 22

Local actor, director and writer, Richard Evans, will talk about and read from his new autobiography, Fazkils.  Join us on Saturday, September 22 from 2 – 4 pm at the Clinton Community Hall.

Evans connect his dots and long dashes through a life both creative and chaotic. Family, career, and cancer bump heads in a runaway boxcar full of colorful entanglements with the famous and the foolish. Tracing his family history through the years from the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression to the tragedy of the Hindenburg, and his early childhood in Japan before WW2, Evans cleverly sets the stage for what follows. His career as an actor ultimately clashed with an early marriage and fatherhood, providing many temptations that carried Evans to Mexico, Arizona, Ohio, Delaware, Kauai, Hawaii, and points beyond.

Sydney Kaplan writes: “Fazkils is the first genuinely post-modernist Hollywood autobiography. Dick Evans miraculously transforms the genre with this beautifully layered exploration of an artist’s life.”

Author events are hosted by the Clinton Library and are free to all.

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