Civic Use Rentals

The mission of the Clinton Community Hall (CCH) is to provide a gathering place for residents of the Clinton and South Whidbey community. One way the Hall intends to fulfill that mission is by offering use of the Hall at discounted rates to local organizations dedicated to community building and improvement.   

Rental fees are a source of revenue needed to pay for utilities, insurance, maintenance and improvements. Each use of the Hall costs in terms of money and time. So while we are able to offer low-cost rates to eligible groups, we do not offer free use of the Hall.

The CCH Executive Board understands that not all civic, charitable, or community groups can afford to pay the standard Hall rental rates. As part of our commitment to civic use of the Hall, the board will consider offering use of the Hall at a discount to eligible groups based upon the information provided in the application below.

Civic Use Rental Rates
  • Non-revenue use
    • $25 up to 4 hours
    • $50 up to 8 hours
  • Revenue/Fundraising Use
    • $150 up to 8 hours
Steps to Rent
  1. Fill out the online form below. The CCH Board will review and reply with any questions or with details about the application approval.
  2. Once approved, fill out the Civic Use Rental Form and submit with payment.
  3. If this is your organization’s first time renting the Hall, set up an on-site meeting with someone from the Hall before your rental date.
Some things to be aware of before applying…
  • Charitable organizations with 501(c)3 status, and non-profits with broad impact to the community are our main focus.
  • Private groups with limited membership access and are not likely a good fit for civic use rates, but can always rent the hall at our normal rates.
  • Applications are reviewed and approved by the full board, based on our criteria for civic use discounts. As such, civic use applications should be submitted at least one month prior to when you would like to first rent the Hall.
  • If applying for regularly-scheduled, ongoing events (such as monthly meetings), any civic use agreement will apply for the remainder of the calendar year, and will then be reviewed annually for renewal.
  • Dates for using the Hall must be determined in advance, and any changes or additions need to be made within published guidelines (see Frequently Asked Questions). For example, adding additional meetings/dates outside the scope of the initial agreement would require a new application.
  • Anyone who has a last-minute need to use the Hall, or who does not qualify for civic use rates can rent the Hall through our normal rental process and rates, pending availability.
  • Our goals with these rules and guidelines is to ensure equitable, transparent, and sustainable use of the Hall for all who qualify.

If you would like more details, please view our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you would like to speak with someone before applying, please give us a call or send an email to

Civic Use Application

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