Raise The Roof Campaign

The Clinton Community Hall needs a new roof, and we need your help!

The hall was built in 1965, and is at an age where we are facing a series of infrastructure updates necessary to keep this community resource safe, sound and usable for subsequent generations.
Why is a new roof necessary?
  • The original roof is nearly 60 years old. Over those many years, two subsequent layers of asphalt shingles have been added to the original layer. This means that in addition to the failing shingles, there is a lot of unnecessary weight on the structure. The underlying base of plywood will also need to be replaced.
  • The roof now has two places where it is leaking into the building. And it is showing other signs of failing.
  • We need to replace the roof to keep the building safe and sound, and to preserve it for community use well into the future.
  • Once we fix the roof, we can address other infrastructure needs such as the replacing the single-pane windows, and interior updates such as addressing the worn wooden floor in hall.
How will we pay for it?
  • We are starting the process of getting bids for work on the roof. We estimate that we will need as much as $55,000 for a new roof.
  • The board has been saving money since 2016 for the roof replacement, and we now have $16,000 set aside for this project. That is still a long way from what’s needed, and we are running out of time as the roof continues to fail. It’s time to accelerate fundraising for this project.
  • In the past, our yearly capital fundraiser has been Mayfest. Due to the pandemic, we did not have Mayfest in 2020 or 2021, and so have missed out on that revenue and the opportunity to set money aside for the roof replacement.
  • In 2019, we also had a crisis with our septic system, which required some of the money set aside for a roof replacement. Generous donations from our community helped to put in a new septic system.
Donate and become a ‘Roof Raiser’
  • We need all the help we can get. So we are asking for donations from the entire community — individuals and businesses.
  • Help the hall by giving at one of three levels: 
    • 🥈 Silver Roof Raiser:  $100 or more
    • 🥇 Gold Roof Raiser: $500 or more
    • 💍 Platinum Roof Raiser: $2,000 or more
  • We will acknowledge all our donors, and are working on ways to publicly and visibly thank all of you who support this effort to keep the hall viable for future generations.

OTHER PAYMENT METHODS – You can also send us a check, which will save on fees for online transactions (especially helpful for larger donations). Checks can be made out to Clinton Community Hall and mailed to
P.O. Box 612, Clinton WA 98236


This fundraising campaign runs from May 26 through July 26.

  • We are considering a metal roof for durability and cost-effectiveness over a longer period of time, but still need to determine whether this is the right direction to take and whether it is feasible. We are interested in hearing input from the community on this issue.
  • Due to insurance requirements, we must use a licensed/bonded roof contractor. If we can find a contractor willing to give CCH a discount – we would be most appreciative and would advertise their business on our reader board (on Highway 525) and on our website.

Questions or suggestions? Feel free to reach out to Sue Mills at (360) 593-3693 or Kathy Craven at (425) 501-4739, or contact us via email.

THANK YOU for your support of this community space!

Send us an email if you would like us to adjust how your name is acknowledged.

🌟 Supporters

  • Virginia Kuehn
  • Sharon Emerson
  • Karen Anderson
  • Anne Victoria Castle
  • Marian & Wayne Ude
  • Joy & Sarah Moulton

🥈 Silver Roof Raisers

  • Paul Nemechek
  • Mary Goolsby
  • Judith & Clay Canfield
  • Kayla Nelson
  • Theresa Mitchell
  • William Stanley
  • Deborah Colfer
  • Allan & Sheila Sokolosky
  • Kim Borgatta
  • Cynthia Gerdes
  • Waterman Self-Storage
  • Island Asphalt & Sitework
  • Victoria Karno
  • Mary & Eugene Posz
  • Charles Terry
  • Lois Ewing
  • Jean Singer & Dyanne Sheldon
  • Joan P. Nelson
  • Steve & Wanda White
  • Rochon Fine Art
  • Dennis White & Charlotte Bell
  • Joy Moulton
  • Russell Link
  • Dean Enell
  • Lynne & Michael Malecki
  • Margaret & Stephen Scehovic
  • Christie Hammond
  • Debra & Michael Turnbull
  • Julie O’Brien
  • Stephen Eldridge

🥇 Gold Roof Raisers

  • Sue Cocklin Mills
  • Arlene & William Stebbins
  • Cornelia Devlin, Collins Fisheries
  • Robert Fink & Lynn Wenzel
  • Dalton Realty
  • Craven Insurance
  • Don and Joan Nelson family
  • Sally, Roy & Kenneth Berry
  • Pickles Deli

💍 Platinum Roof Raisers

  • John & Coyla Shepard