Landscaping & Historical Hall Photos

The planting area closest to the Hall entrance has in recent years been a bit overrun by an enthusiastic vining plant. Attempts to cut it back annually helped keep it somewhat in check, but it just wanted to dominate the area. So this year we went in deep to remove as much as possible to give the bushes, rocks, and old nurse log a chance to shine.

Our neighbor, KG Realty, generously donated a huge pile of wood chips that came from tree removals on their property. We used some of that pile to mulch this area. As the wood chips age and settle, we will start planting some new filler plants. But in the meantime, the area looks nicely cleaned up!

As we did this work, the South Whidbey Garden Club pulled old photos from their archives and shared some history of this area at the Hall. In the photos below, you will notice an old nurse log that is still in place, slowly sinking into the earth and yet still an interesting part of the planting area. This log has been in this spot for over 50 years! It was installed by the Garden Club (with the help of others in the community), in the late 1960s.

The Garden Club has long been intertwined with the Hall, and we are so happy they are back meeting at the Hall each month and that they continue to provide assistance with our landscaping.