2021 Volunteer of the Year

Over more than a century of existence, the Clinton Community Hall has been supported by innumerable numbers of community members who have donated their time and skills to help keep the hall functioning. We love every bit of involvement, from small to large and everywhere in-between.

Occasionally there are volunteers who go above and beyond in their contributions to the hall, and deserve special recognition for what they give to the hall and to the community.

The board recently recognized Sean Wilson as 2021 Volunteer of the Year for giving so much not only in 2021 but also in 2020 and still continuing into 2022.

Sean is a part of the Architectural Design committee at the hall, tasked with providing insight and recommendations on the look and feel of the hall. His touch has influenced the new exterior paint colors and the new roof color & materials. He was part of the crew that painted the hall exterior in 2020, and he restored/refinished the historic Clinton Community Hall sign hanging along the roofline out front.

Sean also came up with the concept of our new holiday signs that get installed along the highway on Easter, Fourth of July and Halloween (and maybe more in the future?), and then built them for the hall.

He is currently working on some updates to the interior of the hall, which we are very excited about. You’ll see more news on that front in the coming year.

Sean has an amazing ability to combine thriftiness and style, with a focus on using locally-sourced materials whenever possible. We are incredibly grateful to all his many, many contributions to the hall and are happy that he is joining our roster as a Volunteer of the Year.