Board, Committees & History


Catherine Billera, president

Sue Mills, vice president

Gretchen Schlomann, treasurer

Kathy Craven, secretary

Jim Swan, member

Kristen Wagner-Patterson, member

vacancy – additional board member(s)

The Hall would benefit from your participation. Contact the chairperson and learn how you can get involved.

Hall Rental OperationsCatherine Billera
Manage rental process

Building & Grounds
Oversee maintenance and improvements
Building – Jim Swan
Landscape – Kristen Wagner-Patterson

Grants & Fundraising – Sue Mills
Research, write and submit grant proposals

Marketing & Membership Gretchen Schlomann
Manages outreach to community and potential renters

Events –  Kathy Craven
Coordinates Hall sponsored and co-sponsored events.

Coordinator positions – as needed
Financeadvises on financial issues, audits
Red Cross Warming Shelterserves as contact person
Nominationsidentify board nominations

Our Community Gathering Place

In 1907, early settlers in Clinton decided to build a community hall where everyone could gather together. We can imagine the importance of this meeting place for pioneer families building their lives in a new settlement. No doubt they discussed important issues of the day, shared potlucks and entertained themselves with theater, musical performances and a lot of dancing in the hall.

Early Clinton Hall

After more than 50 years, it was determined that the hall was drafty, expensive to heat and developing safety issues. It was decided a new hall would better serve the community and a core group of dedicated members began construction in the early 60s. For a brief time, both halls occupied the same site. In 1967, the community gathered for a huge bonfire and said farewell to the original building.

Today, Clinton is home to over 1,000 neighbors and friends, many of whom still live in homes nestled back in the forests. And, the Clinton Community Hall continues to be as important as ever as the central gathering spot for the community.

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